Friday 13 July 2012

What a wonderful world

Working in development and peacebuilding I often get the sense sitting in what seem like endless meetings, drafting reports or delving into complex tomes that we begin to miss the human dimension of what it is we do and why.

And possibly also that we don't allow enough emotion or values into the way we do it - logical frameworks so beloved of donor agencies tend to set things out, well, logically but I can't help feeling robbed of my humanity after having gone over one in any detail.

So here's a cure - a simply incredible video from the International Space Station. Watch it with headphones if you like music and click it onto full screen to get the full benefit. As you fly around the beautiful globe below look out for the northern lights, for lightening flashes far below and the constellations of stars that surround you.

What a wonderful world. Let's not break it.

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