Sunday 8 December 2013

Open Gov, Open Data, Open Growth least that's the theory! Very good animation here from the bods over at the Bank which sets out the theory with some practical examples. Much suspicion remains among many about the folks at the Bank after their role in pioneering the very opposite of open government, by rendering governments of developing countries more accountable to international financial institutions than their own citizens. But the game changing World Development Report of 2011, their support for the New Deal  and the Global Partnership for Social Accountability among other things would indicate that organisationally their top team seems at last to get it. You have to hope so.

The animation doesn't cover the actual innovation and tech that will be needed in order to genuinely make the connection between open data and the transformations it can bring in the relationship between the governed and those who govern. For that to happen there is going to need to be a great deal of innovation led by people themselves, from the bottom up, to slowly build those new partnerships. That's one of the reasons why I am so excited to be joining the Making All Voices Count team, as part of what is called a Grand Challenge for Development. It's certainly that.


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